I am running for Minnesota’s Republican National Committeeman.

I believe in this party. I believe in its people. I believe in its ideas. Over the next year, Minnesota will see a historic investment from the RNC and the Trump campaign. This investment will be made to not only re-elect the President but also to help down ballot candidates, who seek the Republican endorsement and eventual nomination.  Now more than ever, it is critical to solidify the relationships that have been built with the apparatus in Washington, DC. We must ensure Minnesota stays a priority for generations to come, in both 2020 and beyond.

The role of Committeeman, as I see it, is to help bolster the relationship between the state party and Republican Party leadership in DC. Minnesota, year after year, presents a golden opportunity to get our candidates elected up and down the ballot. We need to help Washington take notice and invest in our races. That is what I will help do and am uniquely positioned to do. Furthermore, the Committeeman must assist the chair in fundraising and attracting financial resources to flow into the party. As a business owner and guy who’s used to closing deals, I will help make that happen.

I have forged critical relationships both here in Minnesota and Washington DC. These relationships will help move the party forward, allow the Chair more opportunities to fundraise, and build a coalition that puts Minnesota FIRST in the eyes of the nation. We have the hardest working activists in the United States. Our people have sacrificed immensely to support candidates and conservative causes in Minnesota; and for the first time in a very long time a presidential campaign is going to reciprocate that sacrifice with a substantial investment. It is my role, as your next Committeeman, to ensure that the money and attention STAYS here after we flip the State House, hold the State Senate, and – for the first time since Richard Nixon – deliver this state for a Republican president in 2020.

I’m asking for your vote.
Will you join me?

Max Rymer
Candidate for RNC Committeeman – Minnesota